Starbots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit. Discord: Telegram:

Template for Bear Star strategy.

This template is built for merging. This is an easy way for even cheaper bots to make money. You buy until it’s sold by investing small amounts in coins and averaging down your entry positions if needed.

Reserve for at least 5x the initial buy amount for each coin and make it run. Bear Star is buying market dips which is known to be a safer buying area, failed trades are easily fixable in oversold areas.
Bear Star is picky at trading, that’s good for this trading style where you really want to snipe those trades in the best possible moments.

The template has the best 35 selected coins, add more if you wish.
You should calculate how much you can afford and check the examples below. (Coins x merges(dca buys) <= balance)
On this strategy, I would recommend trading as many coins as you can, as long as you can afford at least 5-10 merges for each coin.

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Merging Calculator Bear Star

Required Account Balance for Trading

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1000$ balance bot. Calculating in $. Using 11,12,15,20 $ initial buys, because 10$ is usually the minimum possible amount to buy cryptocurrencies on the exchanges.

12$ a coin x 10 merges x 10 coins = 1200 $
12$ a coin x 5 merges x 30 coins = 1800$

Template default settings with 35 coins =

35 coins x 0.6% balance buys x 5 merges = 105% of balance needed which is fine, you can go a bit over your total trading balance (100%).

Do your math and make a nice earning bot, risk-reward ratio is the most important part here.

The high success rate of this strategy usually sells on the first buy, if they don’t you start merging them until it’s sold. You fix bad trades pretty fast on average of 2 merges. You will rarely see over 5 merges on this strategy.

On Cryptohopper merging happens once you hold 2 of the same positions (same coin) in your dashboard.
Maximum percentage open position per coin should always be 2 = allows you to rebuy the same coin and DCA it


For more questions visit:
Community Discord:
Mail: [email protected]

Template Details

Hidden configuration


Bot type

Trading bot


Configured for Binance. Change it to your Exchange.

Quote currency

TETHER (USDT) // You can change it to your preferred currency.


This template has the following strategies configured. You need to download these strategies for this template to work correctly.

Bear Star

Choosing the correct markets

Choosing the correct coins and tokens is the most important part of trading. We target markets that are range bounding for a long time already with good volatility, volume, liquidity and have a strong name in the crypto world. You want to be trading cryptocurrencies that people use for daily transactions and sending money across the globe, being decentralized, which was the original idea why cryptocurrencies exist.

A range-bound market is one in which price bounces between a specific high and a low price. The market movement could be classified as horizontal, ranging, or sideways. This means you don’t need to have strong Bull or Bear markets to profit. You will continuously trade to profit on spikes and bounces in the market. All you need is time and patience, bot will fix bad trades by Merging and DCAing on lower prices producing passive money.

Another interesting thing that not many investors even understand. What you see on the picture below is called math behind saying “losses work geometrically against you” which Mark Minervini writes in his books.
You can win 100,500% trades, but you can not lose more than 100%. Your value of an asset is 0$ at -100%, you can not be -200% in loss. What’s the point? The thing is no matter how scary market crash is big market cap coins like BTC usually reverse bear market charts after -50-60% and other higher market cap alts probably -60-100%. If you do just 1 or 2 good DCA’s on -50% and -80%, I can guarantee you will get out of your position and chase for the profit again. That’s why people love DCA trading. Emotions are the problem and get on your way usually, let bots do the work and of course settings must be set correctly to trade through the markets fluently.


These are the top 15 carefully selected coins right now for Star AI, but they are recommended to be traded on all our templates. Not many coins or tokens exist that work this way, so finding them and trusting the project plus looking at other factors like 500M $ + monthly / 3 month volume and so on is tricky. If you do find more we always discuss them on the Discord community (forum) and update them if needed. Please note that if any of this coins doesn’t have a good volume on your exchange, don’t trade them, replace some of the pairs with higher market cap coins (top 50). For example SANTOS, CELO, SXP might not have a good volume on Kucoin, but all of these coins do on the Binance.

More coins that work similarly and range bound between high-low prices over the past years. I’m still looking for good and old coins, there are more small alts that work like that, but I don’t trust them as much like COCOS, BSV.
It’s imporant to see coins over the past 5 years traded relatively low on charts, no special strong trends involved and if you look at the 3month chart, you should see nice volatility and spikes – no strong down/uptrend slopes. Coins must be good valued and trusted as well, but chart structure is the most important thing in this style of trading.
The best ones from this list would be LTC, VET, MATIC, XNO, SANTOS when adding more coins. (Don’t trade XNO on other exchanges than Binance  – low volume)

These are high market cap and pretty stable coins to trade. I guess everyone wants 1 or 2 from this list. I would suggest BNB, ETH. There are more coins like ADA and SOL of course, but I don’t see a nice chart structure on them. You really need them on the bull run to profit, they have a strong trend slopes with no spikes to profit from. You hold this kind of coin for a long time until they turn around on a bad trade. I recommend trading coins from the above 2 charts over these.

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