Starbots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit.

A good performing and simple DCA trading bot is Star AI (on Cryptohopper)
For professional trading get “Tradingview Strategies”. Signal from Tradingview to your Exchange or Copy-Trade me.

We don’t recommend you to run Cryptohopper ‘AI’ with less than 10,000$ initial investment. Hero subscription on Cryptohopper is very expensive.
Get Adventurer/Explorer subscriptions and trade solo strategies almost as good as Ai to start your simple trading bot on Cryptohopper.

  • Star AI – all strategies and trends combined in the automatic trading bot that self-trains on the go with live trades.
  • Scalp Star Bull – high win rate scalping strategy which is targeting pullbacks and corrections in multi-timeframe trend confirmations, executing faster trades. The best solo earning strategy that comes close to Star Ai performance. On this one you want to scalp only good coins though, mostly just 10-30 good coins.
  • Bear Star – slow trading strategy that’s buying dips on the bottom of 2h time-frame charts. You can also subscribe to Star Dip signals for more accurate buys. This is an all-around the safest and easiest way to trade crypto markets on the long run. DCA + buying dips is the most know trading style worldwide. Set and forget style. You can trade many different markets at a time.


Trend Strategies


Trend Strategies for AI

Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) bot needs trend signals to train and learn in what situation our strategies work the best. It makes backtesting score system on live results to see what trades are good or bad. Checkhow our trends work! 'Info'

The way Algorithmic Intelligence bot on Cryptohopper platform works is easily explainable, simply compare it to an automatic backtester. We ”Feed” A.I with all strategies and trends. It will analyze them and self-train on live trading by choosing signals that are most successful in the current market. You will not come closer to a set-and-forget than this.
You need a Hero subscription on Cryptohopper to be able to build our AI and combine all strategies together. AI outperforms solo strategy bots, but should not be traded on small accounts as mentioned before.

Star AI - Template

Configured template to trade Algorithm Intelligence robot on DCA settings. Make sure to click 'info' button and read guide how to build smart AI.

Solo Strategy Trading



Bear Star

Bear Star strategy is designed to buy 'dips' and lower oversold charts.

Adventurer, Explorer subscriptions on Cryptohopper can trade one strategy, choose the correct template – preset configuration to trade them.

Bear Star - Merging Template (DCA)

Configured template settings for trading Bear Star as solo strategy.

Bull Star

Strategy is looking for very accurate buys in stronger uptrend markets.

Scalp Star Bull

Really accurate scalping strategy which is targeting pullbacks and corrections after multiple bullish trend confirmations.

Star Merging template (DCA)

Buy until it's sold! Cheaper/faster version of DCA style (merging) with smart triggers.
Low-budget account-friendly.
All 3 solo strategies can use this template - Bull Star , Scalp Star Bull, Outbreak Star)

Outbreak Star

This strategy is targeting breakout opportunities and catch a sudden pump in markets.

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