Star Bots

Star bots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit.

Trend Strategies

Star trend and strategies are focused on day trading. Day trading involves the buying and selling of an asset in the same day with the goal of profiting on short term price movements. Therefore we stick to short term 1min – 60min chart trends which are the most accurate price movement tools in market. Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) bot needs trend signals to train and learn in what situation our strategies work the best. It makes backtesting score system on live results to see what trades are good or bad.

Star Trend and Momentum (60)

Custom trend signals that constantly generate buy or sell signals until trend is changed on markets. That’s important information to our AI to know current trend direction all the time.

Trend works most effectively in trending markets where large price moves allow traders to capture significant gains. That’s one of the reasons why our algorithms love high vollatility coins.

Star Trigger Trend (30)

Important trend triggers for your AI. It’s firing start and the end of long swing trend with high accuracy.

Star Short Swing Trend (30)

Custom signals are used as a trend confirmation tool. It’s identifying in which direction the price of an asset is moving. The indicator does this by comparing prior highs and lows.

Star Expose Trend (5-30-60)

Custom trend signals have the ability to see buying and selling pressure on multi-time frames. It’s measuring the dominant force before entering a trade. The strength of a swing high (bulls) and the strength of a swing low (bears) is telling our AI momentum of price and provides timely signals for trading decisions.

Star Flow Trend (5-15-30)

Custom trend indicators on multi-time frames, working similar to Star Trend and Momentum. 5-15-30 minute to determine how strong bull or bear trend is through mathematical balance calculations. Leaning more importance to bearish market signals vs. bulls. 

Star Quick Trend (1min)

Fast 1min trend looking at really close actual movement. Not good scores inside AI scoring system, but really, really important information to AI.

Your Trading AI Should Look Like This

Trained in Downtrend months after the crash week. Keep in mind that we are also training it on very low validation time which makes hard pressure on trend scores.

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