Starbots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit.

Preconfigured settings for Signals.

Star Dip Signals (All Exchanges)
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Star signals are aimed to buy at the lowest price when the market is crashing and consolidates. You can build long-term positions with these signals or quickly sell for a profit.

There’s logic in buying into strength, even when the market is bullish it is a better tactic to buy pullbacks than it is to wait until prices are high (when many other people will be rushing to buy) and thus exposing yourself to pressure selling in a loss.

Smart and simple investing strategy that doesn’t take much skill to understand it. We buy accurate pullbacks and quickly sell for a profit. This doesn’t mean go all in on the first trade. If an asset’s price is still going down, we average down the price after it settles with DCA or Merging.

Merging – buy more of the same asset with the initial buy amount and merge them together into one position. A much cheaper option than DCA that doubles your asset’s current value and average it down.


Performance is being calculated by adding the signal’s highest and lowest results together. Each entry point represents the signal’s highest minus the lowest number after 24 hour.

Check the performance report tab manually, only positive green profits matter and even there you see them displayed only for 24h. Graph and calculations are misleading.

You are free to increase your TSL, TP. We are buying dips and its trend reversals, if it doesn’t turn around in the same day it eventually will. We keep investing/merging in coins at the lowest prices until it turns around. Buy the dip!

We trade on: Binance,, Kucoin, Kraken, Coinbase Pro.

Trading with stable coins: USD, USDT, USDC, BUSD, EUR. With BTC on Binance only.

A few old results:

⇓Coinbase_Star_Signals,  ⇓Kraken_Star_Signals,  ⇓Binance_Star_Signals

Getting started

Once you subscribe to signals there are 2 ways to run them on your bot. Trade them along with your strategies / AI from marketplace sellers or choose to trade them solely on a pre-configured Star Signals Template.

  • Trading signals along with your AI or Strategies.

Turn on Signal configuration so you get the percentage profit that comes with signals otherwise keep it turned off and trade like you have it set up in your template (your TP, DCA, SL). Signals come with a 1.15% trailing profit percentage usually otherwise use your own settings in the template as these settings can work separately from ‘config -> baseconfig settings’ and works just for signals. It’s like a second mini template for Signal positions only and doesn’t affect your strategy options.

Signals and settings are already set up for trading inside baseconfig. You just have to subscribe on the marketplace to Star signals.

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