Star Bots

Star bots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit.



Bear Star is designed to buy dips and bottom of charts. It’s very accurate – scoring ~90% buy score in AI.

It activates on 2h RSI(14) <=33, with other very accurate targeting indicators to buy low entries there with a high probability of trend reversals.

Strategy is working in bearish markets. You can set and forget it, take note that dip buying strategies are slow and long-term investing bots, they make slow and steady profits in low market charts without a huge drawdown in balance. Go Bears!

A good strategy to run solo on cheaper Adventurer / Explorer subscriptions on the Bear Star template.
Include it in your AI, if you have a Hero subscription.

We recommend you to run backtests on longer time periods and see how it works.

Bear Star template
Star AI template
Bull Star –  is searching for very accurate buys before big pumps happen and predict uptrends. It doesn’t buy every day but rather used as a long strategy with higher profit targets.
Outbreak Star – comparing prior highs and lows when the market is consolidating and snipping accurate entries on breakouts.
Scalp Star Bull – designed to buy pullbacks and corrections. Strategy trades only if there are longer multi-timeframe trend confirmations. It’s the highest scored and accurate scalper.
Bear Star – buy dips and open up new positions on oversold areas / DCA other strategies (can easily go long from here as a solo strategy).

*Combine them together in Star AI to make it work as a pack with Star Flow Trend (5-15-30), Star Short Swing Trend (30), Star Trend And Momentum (60), Star Expose Trend (5-30), Star Trigger Trend (30-60), Star Quick Trend (1min).

These are top-scoring strategies on CH by training over 20 most popular strategies in the same AI on 1.5% profit and just 30min-12h demanding validation time!

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