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Star bots are designed to work under different market conditions. The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with a profit.

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Copy Trading

Don’t have trading experience or time to watch markets? Copy me and mirror the trading activity of experienced trader and algorithms.

Advantages of Copy Trading

  • Enables anyone to gain passive income by copying experienced traders
  • Allows first time traders to familiarise themselves with the financial markets and gain the confidence to trade
  • Enables more experienced traders to take part in the market, even when they are too busy, and not able to invest the time and research they should normally devote to trading.

How to trade with me?

Simply register on the Cryptohopper and subscribe to my Copy Bot to start trading with me automatically. (button below)

Investment Advice

I would not recommend investing more than you can afford and even accounts with as low as 50$ are accepted to test it out first. We are closing trades in profit and loss. You can get emotional if you are new to trading and we have a red losing month, you should definitely NEVER invest money you can not afford to lose! Crypto markets are highly volatile, I’m trading with my personal account, I take the risk, but I won’t be responsible for your losses. I try to provide a lot of data and give you a bigger picture of how this bot is working, you should look at the results and data to understand that both winning and losing months will be there. If you like my trading you can join me on my journey.

This is a Binance Copy Bot (not We trade spot on USDT, buying long positions only, no shorting.

You subscribe only to this copy bot on the Cryptohopper marketplace. Do not buy Explorer/Adventurer/Hero subscriptions on the website.


If you are new or registering a new account on Exchanges, please use my referral links. You will get money from fees on every trade I make and bonus money on your account for trading fees.


  • We trade only the most important/reliable cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, LTC.
    2nd copy bot on Binance trades smaller coins on dca + sl with a higher win rate and consistent profits. You can use both on the same exchange – we trade different coins.
    This copy bot takes good advantage of the bull market, the other dca+sl bot is good in bear markets. Both are running all the time, this is just where they are trading the most of the time. Both of them are set and forget, check the Profit Calendars and results below to see what is to be expected based on the history trading months.
  • These are slower (sometimes really slow) swing trading strategies that close trades within a day usually. There should be around 1-10 signals a week if markets are ‘good’. In the real world it’s hard to stay profitable for a long period of time and be a successful trader, scalping – fast trading is just a ‘myth’ on stop loss, scalping is possible only on DCA trading most of the times. Cryptocurrencies are highly manipulated. DCA allows mistakes in trading, when taking Stop Losses even small slippages bring problems, that’s why traders prefer to long swing for higher profit wins over good winning rate and small wins.
  • Weekends can be quiet if the market is flat and it will also not trade if the market is crashing. We are only spot trading, long positions so we need markets to be trending. We shall take a very good advantage of bullish markets where we make big profits and later try to prevent losses, keep these profits or even do small gains in a downtrend. It’s a cycle of trading bull markets.
  • People are used to trade hundreds of coins weekly, but you don’t have to do that. We trade less often, but invest a lot per order (50-80% balance).

We are stopping trades with an average of 2.7% loss and winning with an average of 3.6%. We shouldn’t expect a larger than ~15% drawdown on the balance while trying to gain approx 50-100% per year. Profit and Losses are not targeted usually, algorithms watch the market structure and close trades as high as possible or quickly save a trade if there’s not a good price action. Sometimes they can catch a 20% profit swing sometimes just a 0.20%. The win rate is approximately around 55-65% in the long run trading all of the coins together.  Also, know that the win rate means nothing if a trader knows how to balance the Risk vs Reward ratio and that’s what these algorithms are doing all the time.


To trade with me all you have to do is subscribe to the copy bot on the Cryptohopper platform and do these 3 things to make everything work automatically.

  • Connect your API to the Binance exchange. (Not
  • Turn on Walletscrubber in baseconfig settings, it will always try to sell everything that you have on the exchange and pick up the dust or leftovers from previous trades. (0,000023 of leftover ETH from the previous trade for example).

  • Turn off Portfolio sync, it’s able to rebuy positions if it failed to buy them for some reason or you joined us while we have an open trade on our account at the moment. You will get the next open trade.

Buy Amounts

* We trade ~50-80% of the balance per coin allowing us to have open only 2 positions at a time. To beat buy&hold without any leverage we have to go in big, so yes. Do not invest what you can not afford to lose. We are trading 3 of the biggest all-time Crypto coins that have a nice and more stable predictable pattern than others. The largest losses happened to hit 10%, if this scares you and this is too much for a 80%  position of your balance, trade with less money. (1000$ account, 80% position trade = 800$, 10% loss here is 80$). This copy bot should make 50-100% gains per year, but I want to inform you that bad trading months exist.

*How do buy order amounts work? If I decide to buy something on the market with 55% of my balance, so do you. Everyone mimics my % size orders based on our account balance. We are trading on a fixed buying amount.

**!You can set the maximum USDT amount you want to be trading, the bot can’t use more than 1000$ of your 5000$ account, if you type this in under the ‘Maximum USDT amount allocated’. Order sizes are also calculated based on this number typed in here. (Maximum USDT amount allocated).
< 35% order of the maximum 1000USDT ‘amount allocated’ is 300$, even if you have 5000$ on the exchange for example, it will buy for 300$ with this setting>



These algorithms use Machine Learning and Self-optimizing on my price action manual buying conditions that I use when I manually trade. I’m supervising them and always improving things for better future results as well.

*Add these results together as we are trading all of them at once to gain profits. Results are shown as 35% balance buy per coin – sometimes I’ll do 35% buys sometimes 40%. This is something that you can expect on a monthly basis from each coin..
We have changed the way of trading recently so the stats on Cryptohopper are a bit different, but we would have gained 22%+3.6%+10.4% profit this year so far. These results are reliable and we are trading like this now.

In September, October I will usually lower buying orders and tune up buying orders to ~80% in good bullish months for example.

We aim to take big profits in nice uptrend swings, they cover all the small losses like this. Patience is a virtue.

Historical Trading Results

5-7 Year trading results (2017 >) with 1000$ invested on 40% orders, 0.1% fee and added slippage. 
We are aiming for long-swing trades,  not winning rates. People love to scalp on high-winning rate trading setups, the problem in reality is that income of scalping is really low. Only long swing setups can beat or compete with buy&hold. These 3 coins together made over 2500% profit by compounding over ~6 years.

Here you can see that zoomed in backtests will need patience, some signals can lose or win in certain months. Results by the end of the year should be profitable on all of them. Invest for a few months, trading just for 1 month and stop trading is not necessary to bring you profits just like that if you joined in the bad month. We literally ‘predict’ markets with technical analysis, machine learning, AI’s and observing market structure. We are trading high probabilities, it’s not 100% certain every trade will be a win, but we have a lot of history data to train our models.

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