Breakout Strategy [lifetime]


Breakout strategy looks for levels or areas that a market has been unable to move beyond on so called Resistance zones. When a price moves beyond one of these levels, it is called a breakout.

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When a market has stayed at a stagnant level in terms of its price, many traders tend to shift focus to other securities offering more dynamic movements, wanting trades to be lucrative faster. A breakout strategy involves a degree of patience as traders wait for a security to move a notch higher than a certain level that it has remained at for a while. Several breakout trading experts make use of analysis of a technical nature to identify patterns and trending prices. For instance, a breakout trader seeks periods in which the cost of security has shown resistance to shifting above or under a particular price range. After this, a breakout investor tries to earn a profit by going into a trade in the direction of a breakout. The trader does this by predicting that the price will continue to shift in the same direction.

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