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🔗Swing Star is highly profitable long swing or scalping strategy that capture gains in the uptrend of market. It’s reducing false signals by comparing prior highs and lows, momentum and volatility. It works better but not necessarily in longer-term market charts where it isolates stronger trend directions.

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Original price was: $560,00.Current price is: $499,00.
This is highly customizable Strategy that allows you to trade many different ways. You can trade on stop-loss, sell by different indicators, average down and merge multiple open positions, accurate backtesting with no repaint, send dynamic alerts from live trading chart and much more.

With some basic experience of how indicators work in market and basic knowledge of TradingView plaftorm, this are the only required things to trade this strategy.

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When you buy the algorithm it’s recommended you visit our discord forum where you can see some examples how to set it up and talk with us. Users share their tips and tricks  every day. You will need TradingView subscription to trade alerts, I recommend the cheapest one ‘Pro’. Strategy have dynamic alerts so you can use just 1 alert per coin and send ‘webhooks’ to your exchange or platform where you execute your orders with exchange. Swing Star does all the work. It can hold 1 open position, sell by TP / SL, sell by multiple sell strategies at once, trade once per closed bar or more frequently (you can set this up with Swing Star Alerts version).

New Swing Star Optimizer!

This script will help you find profitable settings on MACD + Stochastic indicators of Swing Star Strategy.
Custom made backtesting system will test 105 different parameter combinations and show you profitable settings. They can be off by 5-10% over hundreds of trades, but it will show you where to find them and tweak them further. Tester is showing you net.profit, I suggest you try top10 parameters and look for the lowest ‘Max Drawdown’ result on Swing Star strategy. It’s trading without commisions (0%fee) and accumulate with max investment. (Initial investment 1000$, order size 1000$, pyramiding 1)

Each cryptocurrency or stock market acts different, make sure to backtest and optimize your strategy for each one of them. We will provide you a few examples in documents for crypto markets so you can get a feeling how it works as a scalper, merging setup or longer swing strategy.

By using Star Bots Trading Algorithms, you agree with the terms of EULA and consent to be bound by them. You use the Trading Algorithm at your behalf and at your own risk. Star Bots is not responsibile or liable for your’s direct or indirect losses, damages, costs and expenses. You are not allowed to edit, copy, reproduce, distribute, resell, use the Trading Algorithm for signalling services, copy-trading or otherwise use the Trading Algorithm for your own or other’s interests or for any commercial purpose. If such or any other breach of EULA occur, you’re contract will be terminated immediately and you are obligated to stop all access and use of this Strategy.

Swing Star is a trading algorithm that have several sell strategies built in and take profit / stop loss levels with drawings on your chart. Yearly/monthly profit compounding dashboard overview, 100% automated working alerts that gets filled by every order exactly the way you see them on chart, 2nd version of Swing Star with customizable alerts + backtesting for past 5+ years ago that take seconds. Your Star-Bots backtester and automated trading algorithm.

Swing Star Alerts version allows you to customize alerts and change their signaling frequencies for your bot. I do not recommend trading on every tick! It is critical to understand that IF your strategy is taking decisions on real-time tick data, you are NOT running the same strategy you tested on historical bars, which calculates on closed bar only.

More information does not necessarily improve performance because it almost always entails more noise. The extra information may or may not improve results. I suggest you trade with strategy normal dynamic alerts or set your custom alerts on ‘once per bar close’ to trade the same way.



EOSUSDT – BINANCE –   5min    87% win, Scalping, 27.7% profit, 6% Max Drawdown.


BNBUSDT-Binance – 2h     ~ 50% win, Long Swing strategy, 64.000%profit in 4 years by compouding


All Star strategies use dynamic alerts!

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