Simple DCA EMA Bot [free]

This is a free and simple DCA trading strategy on EMA.
You can enter DCA on 20 custom levels and set custom order sizes. Works on any market out there.

Old version :  https://www.tradingview.com/script/HSZOeOEr-Simple-DCA-Dynamic-Alerts-Star-bots/

New Public version of this script :


Register on Pionex and trade your alerts directly on the exchange for free! You will get Tradingview strategies for free if you use this registration link. Private message me for access.

New version support custom order sizes, it works on Pionex exchange now. You can send alerts and manage order sizes / DCA levels and all the other parameters from this Tradingview script alone, no need for any other configurations on the exchange.

This is a simple idea of DCA trading on EMA crosses. Strategy is not repainting.
The difference between this and any other strategy is, that this script allows you to preset DCA buy triggers at desired levels and customize each DCA order size independently. Alerts are working, this strategy is easily used for automatic trading.

I mainly trade on Cryptohopper and Pionex. This was created for the community, alerts are working and non-repainting. Should work on any other as well.

Trading Condition:
It’s buying when Fast EMA crosses up Slow EMA. Set your parameters.
It’s selling if EMA’s crosses back, signaling a sell. Optional.

You can enter DCA on 20 custom levels or layers. It buys DCA when price hits the plotted blue line on the chart that’s set by input % triggers. (buy 1st DCA at 2% drop, buy 2nd DCA at 5% drop,…)

Set your Inital Capital and Pyramiding in Properties tab, Initial Order Size and DCA Order Size (lot1,lot2,lot3,..), Order Type are changed in strategy inputs.

-By default you can see that we buy when EMA’s cross up and signal a buy for 10% of equity, if market is dropping you will then place a first DCA order ( 20% equity) at 2% drop (lower) from initial order. If market keeps dropping you have more DCA levels where you can buy and average down your holding position. For selling you can use Take profit and Stop Loss targets that averages down multiple open positions, it will sell it once it reaches your desirable Take Profit and close a deal. You can also close your trade if EMA signals a sell.

Pyramiding – number of orders you can open at a time
Your first buy order is pyramiding 1. To allow it to buy 1 DCA or merge one time, set pyramding to 2.
Want to DCA 10 times? Set pyramiding at 11. (+1 always)

More features:
– Profit Calendar
– Show Balance label before every new trade
– DCA table – visualize how much of your investment is used in trades. If a background of the table is green you are okay, if the background color is red – you are using more money for orders than you actually have.
Buy Orders << Strategy Equity/Capital
– Show / Hide DCA lines – if your chart processing is getting slow you should hide some DCA levels to speed it up
– Backtesting Range – for testing the strategy in different time windows
– Alerts

When all trades are closed on your chart, winning rate of the strategy is 100% actually.
Win rate is shown differently as it’s actually closing and opening every trade individually by default in TradingView system. We merge positions together and average it down into one big position to later sell for a profit (DCA).

You use this Trading Algorithm at your own risk. Do not trade before testing or invest something you cannot afford to lose on markets.

By using Star Bots Trading Algorithms, you agree with the terms of EULA and consent to be bound by them. You use the Trading Algorithm at your behalf and at your own risk. Star Bots is not responsibile or liable for your’s direct or indirect losses, damages, costs and expenses. You are not allowed to edit, copy, reproduce, distribute, resell, use the Trading Algorithm for signalling services, copy-trading or otherwise use the Trading Algorithm for your own or other’s interests or for any commercial purpose. If such or any other breach of EULA occur, you’re contract will be terminated immediately and you are obligated to stop all access and use of this Strategy.

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