Self Optimizing MACD


Script constantly tests 15 MACD combinations for maximum profitability and trades based on the best performing combination

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Original price was: $560,00.Current price is: $499,00. / 1111 months

Self Optimizing MACD Strategy. (non-repainting)

Script constantly tests 15 MACD combinations for maximum profitability and trades based on the best performing combination.
You will notice that signal lines switch sometimes, this is when the strategy optimizes to the better combination and change plots, strategy is dynamic.

You will notice there are a lot of black – shadow lines, this are the signals that are not currently active, but script keeps checking and valuating every one of them on every bar close. I recommend using dark mode chart for better view.

MACD /Signal lines in Blue/ Orange are the best performing combination and active at the moment.
*Histogram bars are always displayed based on the default MACD setting (12,26,9) – to keep the script running fast and smoothly. It’s not changing plots unlike MACD /Signal lines.

Turn on MACD Profit Dashboard and spot the worst performing combination to change it and get better performance overall.

-Keep in mind optimizing scripts have overfitting issues. I added Optimizing range so that you can decrease the amount of bars/data for optimizing script. This way you can keep it up to date to more recent market by selecting optimizing range to optimize is just from the recent 3-6months of data. Strategy before this range will normally trade (backtest) based on the first MACD parameters in your menu (12,26,9 by default) if you turn this on.





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